Mainline Medical Dental Supply

Products We Carry

Medical Supplies
Braces & Support
Diabetic Supplies
Diagnostic Supplies
IV Products
Medical Tapes
Needles & Syringes
Ostomy Supplies
Ophthalmic Supplies
Respiratory Therapy
Surgical Sutures
Tracheotomy Supplies
Urinary Supplies
Wound Care Products
Dental Supplies
Acrylics, Reline & Tray Materials
Alloys & Amalgams
Anesthetic Products
Articulating Materials
Carbide & Diamond Burs
Cements, Liners & Adhesives
Core Materials
Cosmetic Dentistry Products
Crowns, Bands & Shells
Evacuation Products
Finishing & Polishing Products
Handpieces & Instruments
Impression Materials
Matrix Materials & Wedges
Mixing Materials
Orthodontic Products
Pins & Posts
Retraction Materials
Rubber Dam Products
X-Ray Film & Accessories
Personal Protective Equipment
Medical Face Shields
Medical Gloves – Latex, Vinyl, Nitrile, Surgical and Sterile
Medical Gowns – AAMI Level 1, 2, 3, 4
Medical Masks – ASTM Level 1, 2, 3
Medical Surgeon Caps & Shoe Covers
N95 NIOSH Approved Respirators

Mainline Medical Dental Supply

Since our inception, Mainline MDS has been involved in sales of healthcare products within North America and Europe. By leveraging strategic partnerships, we consistently and uncompromisingly deliver essential healthcare products to our customers. Year after year, we supply national and international branded products at competitive pricing.

Following the principles of Integrity, Diversity, Leadership & Collaboration we aim to enhance the healthcare supply chain on all fronts.

Mainline MDS

Dr. Boris and Mrs. Marsha Karlin created Mainline MDS in 1995 as a side project. Dr. Karlin, a dentist by profession, and Mrs. Karlin, a dental hygienist, brought their years of experience and knowledge to the healthcare industry.
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